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ISAM4 takes place in Erlangen
The fourth International Symposium on Atomistic and Multiscale Modeling of Mechanics and Multiphysics, co-organized by Erik Bitzek, takes place August 5th to 8th. About 80 scientist mostly from Germany and Japan gather in the Orangerie to discussion of the latest scientific developments regarding the atomistic and multiscale modeling of materials. Its aim is to bring together specialists from multiple disciplines to network, exchange and generate new ideas related to tribology, fracture and fatigue, atomistic aspects of plasticity and failure, the structure and property of complex and disordered materials as well as biomaterials and polymers. Of particular interest and spanning the different material classes and use cases are methods that extend the time scale in atomistic simulation and the applications of machine learning and data science approaches in computational material science. For more information on the ISAM4 see