Institute I: General Materials Properties
Dept. Materials Science  —   Faculty of Engineering  —  Friedrich-Alexander-University  —  UnivIS  —  Wiki
theme: microscopy and analysis
responsible people:
    →  M.Sc. Stefan Gabel
    →  M. Sc. Sebastian Krauß
Dual Beam Device (Focused Ion Beam / Field Emission SEM) von FEI

Helios NanoLab 600i FIB Workstation with SE-,BSE-,STEM-, EBSD- and EDS- Detector

By means of this high-resolution scanning electron microscope with field emission source and integrated FIB technique, several institutes at the FAU collaborate within a joint research project on novel lightweight material concepts and production methods such as “additive manufacturing”. The objectives for the coming years are therefore the development of interdisciplinary innovative material concepts in order to gain further important insights into the microstructure – material property relationship. This involves 3D microstructure analyses which enable a spatial presentation of the microstructure, novel in situ deformation experiments and target preparation of transmission electron microscopic samples.

Schedule FIB Helios

stand: 06.09.2018