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FIB Zeiss
theme: microscopy and analysis
responsible people:
    →   Christina Hasenest
    →  M.Sc. Daniel Elitzer
Focused Ion Beam Crossbeam der Firma Zeiss

- Cross Beam 1540Esb FIB Workstation with, In Lens-, SE-, ESB-, QBSD-Detector
- Field emission electron gun
- Oxford INCA Energy 350 EDX
- HKL system with 4 diodes forescatter detector
- Gas injections system (Platinum and tungsten deposition; etching gas F)
- Kleindiek micromanipulator for in-situ lift-out of TEM lamellae
- MEMS force gage for in-situ micromechanical testing

The Zeiss Crosbeam 1540 device consists of a field emission electron gun coupled to a Ga+ ion gun which allows local removal of material. Ion milling makes it possible to precisely cut cross-sections, which can then be analyzed by the different analytical methods (e.g. EDS, EBSD...) available in the microscope. This allows failure analyses for the industry and investigations of microstructural transformations. Furthermore, the device makes it possible to prepare TEM lamellae from almost any spot of the investigated sample. This is performed by operating the micromanipulator in the so-called "lift-out" mode.

Schedule FIB Zeiss

stand: 12.06.2018