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Nanoindenter XP
theme: mechanical testing
responsible people:
    →  PD Dr.-Ing. Benoit Merle
    →  M. Sc. Sebastian Krauß
Nanoindenter XP from Agilent for instrumented indentation testing and scratch testing. With this device, hardness and modulus are evaluated continuously during loading, giving hardness and modulus depth profiles. The indentation modulus calculated during loading is comparable to the polycrystalline macroscopic Young’s modulus.

The options installed on this device are:
- continuous stiffness module (CSM)
- lateral force sensor
- high load cell
- optical microscope
- Testworks 4 software

The specifications are:
- max load 500 mN (or 10 N with high load cell)
- depth resolution <0.01 nm
- load resolution 50 nN

stand: 26.06.2020