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Bruker D8 XRD
theme: microscopy and analysis
responsible people:
    →  M.Sc. Daniel Hausmann
The Bruker D8 Discover is a multifunctional X-Ray diffractometer with multi-axis goniometer. By a novel plug & play technology it can be individually adjusted and can be used to determine different material properties. With a powerful X-Ray source, specialized optics, Eulerian cradle and an energy dispersive position-sensitive silicon strip detector for 1D measurements and an area detector for 2D measurements scientific problems can be analyzed in detail. A dome-type temperature stage enables investigations at temperatures up to 1100 °C. It is possible to analyze the lattice parameters, internal stresses, chemical composition, crystal structure and texture of materials. Moreover a wide range of materials can be characterized, e.g. single and polycrystalline materials.

stand: 29.06.2020