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Atom Probe - CAMECA LEAP 4000X HR
theme: microscopy and analysis
responsible people:
    →  Prof. Dr. Peter Felfer
    →  M.Sc. Martina Heller
Atom Probe Tomography is the most advanced technique currently available for analyzing the chemical composition of a specimen with an atomic resolution. It consists into progressively vaporizing a fine needle made of the material to analyze. During the whole process, the chemical nature of each single ejected atom is determined by a position informed time of flight mass spectroscope, whence a 3D reconstruction of the original specimen showing individual atoms can be achieved. The Institute I operates since July 2015 a state of the art LEAP 4000X HR built by CAMECA. Compared to previous device generations, this setup offers a wide field of view, allowing for specimens as large as 150 nm to be imaged, together with an improved mass resolution. Unlike with a usual electrical pulse, the use of an UV laser for heat vaporization allows the investigation of non-conductive materials. The Atom Probe is used for the characterization of all materials investigated at the Institute I. It allows identifying the diffusion and segregation processes of specific elements taking place during the fabrication of nanomaterials such as ARB and ECAP materials, high temperature superalloys, as well as multilayer thin films.

stand: 26.06.2020