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Wear fatigue setup
theme: mechanical testing
responsible people:
    →  PD Dr.-Ing. Heinz Werner Höppel
Within the scope of clarifying the white-etching crack (WEC) development in roller bearings, a rolling contact fatigue (RCF) with an open design been developed, which allows imposing and examining a high amount of different loadings. The apparatus consists of two modules. The first part is the actual RCF-module (bearing driving unit with mechanical and electric loading unit), which was developed and built in house. The second part is a commercial 50 kN resonance system of the company Zwick Roell. Both modules are mechanically coupled, so that the mechanical oscillations of the resonance system can be transmitted into the bearing sample during RCF-testing. The setup allows the application of bearing currents, magnetic fields, temperature, variable speed ramps and static mechanical loads. The lubrication is realized by a minimal lubrication system, introducing the oil discontinuously with pressurized air pulses. The applications at the Institute I especially involve the examination of interdependencies between the different loading types and their correlation to WEC-formation. With this setup, the interactions between electromagnetic impact on the chemical reaction layer formation (lubrication additive based) and related electric potentials have been successfully investigated.

stand: 22.10.2015