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Bulge Test
Thema: Mechanische Prüfmethoden
Verantwortliche Mitarbeiter:
    →  M.Sc. Anna Krapf
The bulge test device is designed to test the mechanical properties of thin films. For more information, please refer to our published articles:

E. W. Schweitzer and M. Göken. In situ bulge testing in an atomic force microscope: Microdeformation experiments of thin film membranes. J Mater Res, 22(10):2902–2911, 2007.

B. Merle and M. Göken. Fracture toughness of silicon nitride thin films of different thicknesses as measured by bulge tests. Acta Materialia, 59(4):1772–1779, 2011.

B. Merle, E. W. Schweitzer, M. Göken. Thickness and grain size dependence of the strength of copper thin films as investigated with bulge tests and nanoindentations. Philosophical Magazine, 92(25-27):3172-3187, 2012.

R. Meszaros, B. Merle, M. Wild, K. Durst, M. Göken, L. Wondraczek, Effect of thermal annealing on the mechanical properties of low-emissivity physical vapor deposited multilayer-coatings for architectural applications, Thin Solid Films, 520(24):7130-7135, 2012.

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