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High performance visualization workstations
Thema: Simulation
Verantwortliche Mitarbeiter:
    →  M.Sc. Zhuocheng Xie
The simulation group at WW1 uses high performance workstations for the visualization and analysis of massively parallel molecular dynamic simulations, which typically involve hundreds of millions of atoms. The workstations are equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software. With 128 GB RAM, 20 TB hard disk space and high-end graphics cards with 4 GB internal memory along with octa/hexa core cpus, they are ideally suited for visualization, sotrage and analysis of large-scale atomistic simulations.

One of the workstations in housed in the visualization room, which facilitates the visualization of atomistic simulations on high resolution monitors and a wide-screen with 3D capability. A second, more powerful machine is dedicated for remote visualization and analysis over the network.

Stand: 07.12.2016